bingo cloudWe know there are many reasons why you will be visiting this site, you might be completely new to online bingo and are looking for the basics of how to play, or you might have been playing for years and you are looking for new idea and insights.

Our articles are therefore aimed at a wide spectrum of bingo players, we aim to give you genuine and objective information whether you are a newbie or a professional.  Covering aspects ranging from how various different bingo games work to how networks run, what white-labels are and how games are made and profit margins calculated.

These pages are written for you to help you understand how and why the industry works the way it does.  We also write them because we love bingo and are interested in finding out answers to these questions ourselves.  We do not to sell posts or links, as is the case on so many other sites, and therefore we are not at cross-purposes, nobody pays us to write these and we do not use these pages to make money from.

Bingo Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Find out everything you need to know about playing bingo for real and online on our bingo FAQ’s page.

How To Play 90-Ball Bingo

It’s still the most popular bingo game in the UK both online and in bingo halls.  There are 90 balls (obviously) with opportunities to win a line, two lines, a full house as well as special wins in themed game variations.

How To Play 75-Ball Bingo

Often called American bingo given the fact it emerged there in the 1920’s and is more popular state-side. The game works with 75 balls in a grid-bases system which gives more varieties and themes compared to 90-ball.

How To Play 30-Ball Bingo

Often termed ‘speed bingo’ this game is similar to 75-ball in that it is played on a grid but in this case with only 3×3 squares requiring you to get 9 numbers for a house or 3 for a line. One of the simplest forms of bingo you can play.

How To Play 50-Ball Bingo

50-Ball bingo is one of the more recent additions to the bingo games list and was born online.  The game has a lot of similarities to the 90-ball version but is quicker and simpler with 5 columns of numbers in two rows to find.

How To Play 80-Ball Bingo

Similar in style to 75-ball bingo the 80-ball version of the game originated in bingo halls in the UK and was known as ‘shutterboard’ on account that you needed to close shutter windows on the board. Since moving online the game has really taken off.

What Are Bingo Jackpots? Fixed, Progressive, Escalator & Community Jackpots

Bingo is a fairly low stakes game but there are jackpot prizes that can pay out huge amounts.  These games vary and can be classed as fixed, progressive, escalator and community jackpots.  Read about the differences and relative merits of each along with how to play.

White Label Apocalypse: Why Are So Many Bingo White Labels Closing In The UK?

Online bingo has historically been dominated by white labels, these are sites where the brand is run on behalf of the owner by a third party (e.g. Jumpman or 888).  White labels have been closing rapidly in recent years, we look at the reasons why.

Why Do Bingo Sites Move Networks and Change Games & Rooms?

The bingo network a site runs on dictates the games, rooms and community; pretty much then everything that is essential to a bingo site. Sites, however, change networks all the time meaning new games & room and often requiring users to sign up again, so why do they do it?

How To Play Mega Ball Live

Mega Ball is a live game from the leading studio for live games, Evolution Gaming.  The game is designed with a bingo/lottery theme that means it is naturally liked by traditional bingo game players.  The idea is you buy cards, numbers are drawn and you win money for completing lines.

Bingo Game Variations - A Twist On Classic Bingo? 52 Ball, 5 Line, Cash Cubes & More

Bingo is a beautifully versatile game and while most of the games fall into three or four major categories there are whole host of different variations within that.  On this page we look at the most popular game variations, such as 52-ball, 5-line and cash cubes as well as some more unusual lesser well known games.

How To Play Slingo

Slingo is a hydrid bingo slots game that has gained quite a following among both bingo and casino players.  The idea is, like bingo, to complete lines of numbers or a full house but rather than numbers being drawn they are generated form spins and that is the slots element.  There are many different variants of slingo.

How To Buy Online Bingo Tickets

Buying bingo tickets is very straight forward, even easier than buying books in bingo halls.  There are still steps to go through to open and use an account and lots of considerations when it comes to the type of ticket and amount you want to buy.  Read this guide for more.

Bingo Cheating Scandals - Bingo's Biggest Known Crooks

Unfortunately whenever there is a game of chance there is someone around who wants to try to cheat it and despite being seen as a more innocent form of gambling bingo is by no means immune to scandals. We look at some of the biggest cheating scandals and best known crooks in bingo.

Bingo Robberies, Theft and Crime

A night out in a bingo hall is a simple pleasure for many.  A generally low stakes game with a more relaxed atmosphere people do not expect someone to burst in with a gun and rob the place.  It is not very common but it does happen, here we cover some of bigger robberies and thefts in modern times.

Can You Play Bingo With A Credit Card?

The use of credit cards for gambling was banned in the UK in April 2020 due to disproportional use by problem gamblers.  This naturally will also apply to bingo, although strangely National Lottery is excluded.  The ban is for all forms of credit not just credit cards.

Making The Most Of Online Bingo Chat Rooms

Online bingo chat rooms are great places to enjoy playing bingo with fellow players.  They are there to mimic that social feeling you get if you play bingo in real life.  With these helpful tips, you can make the most out of participating in all kinds of fun in online bingo chat rooms.

Is It Safe To Leave Money In An Online Bingo Account?

Bingo sites, and gambling sites in general, are not banks and this means your money is not necessarily safe should a company go bust.  The best advice is to not leave significant amounts in a bingo account but if you do you would be better looking for a company with medium or high deposit protection.  Read more.

What Is The Bingo Association and What Does It Do?

The Bingo Association can be seen as the bingo hall sectors wise grand parents.  A body of industry professionals formed in 1998 to provide a voice for operators in the face of the media and regulatory matters.

Why Do You Need To Provide ID To Play Bingo Online?

Bingo is a form of gambling and that means it is subject to the same rules as casino and sports betting.  This means companies are legally obliged to verify your age and identity before allowing you to deposit and play.  In most cases this is automatic but for some you need to send documents.  Find out why.

Can You Mark Off Your Own Bingo Numbers Online?

Playing bingo online is of course very different to real world bingo, largely because games are driven by random number generators and effectively run themselves online.  Still, for those that want to you can set games to allow you to manually dab, although it doesn’t affect the overall result.

Lights, Camera, Bingo - Bingo On The Big And Small Screen

Bingo may be a niche game but it has seen more than its fair share of coverage in the bright lights of Hollywood and in various popular TV shows.  If anything bingo is becoming more common on TV and that is testament to its popularity and fun vibe.  Read this article to find the best films and TV featuring bingo.

When Is The Best Time To Play Bingo?

There is no definitive answer to the best time to play bingo as it depends what type of bingo player you are.  Do you play bingo for lots of little wins or do you play it because you want to win a big jackpot and try and make a profit? That matters a lot when it comes to when to play.  Read our guide for more about finding a time to play bingo that suits you best.

What Happens If A Bingo Game Crashes?

The beauty of online bingo is you can play wherever you have an internet connection, the difficulty, unlike with real-world bingo, is on rare occasion games can crash.  Most of the time it is due to a connectivity issue and in those instances games simply continue on the server and you don’t lose out.  For other errors you often need to get in touch with your ticket ID’s.

What Are Online Bingo Chat Room Games?

Chat room games are additional games within a bingo room that are run by the chat host.  The idea behind it is to get more people involved in chatting and in exchange you can often win small prizes.  These games often involve getting a certain lucky number, guessing a missing word, playing a small quiz, etc.

Is It Legal To Host A Bingo Night?

Playing bingo for money is generally classed as gambling, however, there are exceptions.  If bingo games are run as non-for-profit games or with proceeds given for charity and ticket costs and prize pools are low then you do not need a gambling license to host a bingo night.  If, however, you plan to make money from hosting a bingo game then it is gambling and you would need permission from the UKGC.

Church and Charity Bingo For Fundraising: Is It Gambling?

Bingo is often seen as a more friendly form of gambling but is still gambling.  Churches and charities have been running bingo nights, raffles and lotteries to raise money for centuries and it is generally seen as OK if that cause is just.  Here we look at the relationship between bingo and religious groups and charities as well as the legal rules around the topic.

How To Deposit To Bingo Sites Using Pay By Phone

Pay By Phone is a payment system that lets you deposit to some bingo sites via your mobile phone, which is then added to your phone bill or taken off your credit balance.  This is designed for small deposits and can be more flexible than other methods.  On occasion it can carry fees and there is no direct withdrawal option so make sure you know what you are doing before you get started by reading this guide.

Does Playing Online Bingo Affect My Credit Rating?

You can no longer deposit to a bingo site using credit directly (e.g. a credit card) but there are still ways in which regular deposits to a bingo site could have a negative effect on your ability to borrow.