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Best Online Bingo Site Blogs

Just last week I was searching for a particular bingo game on Gala Bingo and happened across their blog.  Before I knew it, 15 minutes had passed and I had gone down a rabbit hole of interesting articles that I didn’t expect to find.  Something a bit different.

Online Bingo operators publish blogs to keep their players updated, but also as a tool to keep their site ranking nice and high up on Google.  The more new content being offered on a regular basis, the more Google likes it. Its plain and simple advertising. However, some bingo operators have made their blogs interesting and readable and are not just doing it for Google’s sake. They have the interests of the players in mind.

After looking at Gala’s Entertainment section: Gala Hub, I thought I would take a look at some more bingo websites to see other ‘extra curricular’ type blogs out there.  Not all operators have blogs, however those that do certainly make sure what they write about is appealing to players and visitors to the site.

Here’s what I found:

Gala Hub

Gala mix up their news announcements about upcoming competitions and new games with gossip articles, quizzes, competitions and general random bizarreness.

Gala Hub Blog screenshot

They definitely go to town on their blog.  Cleverly looking beyond the bingo, but still appealing to their players.  I particularly like their article on “Top ten dates for under a tenner” (read carefully hubby!) and their survey results on the UKs favourite condiment (ketchup brown sauce, mayo).  Its totally bonkers but, I think, deep down us bingo player, and a vast proportion of the population like to read about these types of things, even if its just to glance at. Its like a magazine, but with bingo players in mind.

Gala also run competitions. For example, you can send in a photo of your dog if you think it looks like you, with a chance to win a one night stay in a dog friendly hotel. You can tag a friend on social media to nominate them to do the 30 Day Bingo Wing Challenge with a chance to bag a shopping voucher.

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Mr Q Blog

We already know MrQ are doing things differently. Being an independent site, they do things their way and this applies to their blog.

They seem to have picked up some speed with adding new articles recently, as there are a few published in August and the first articles look like they were only published in May.

Like Gala, they are taking a fresh look and have used surveys and research to fit in with their branding and player base.

MrQ Blog screenshot

A really interesting article they have recently included is ‘The Luckiest Towns In The UK”.  They have analysed their data on player locations and looked at those players that have won over £1000.  Apparently if you live in Wigan, you are in the luckiest place to play on MrQ!

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Wink Bingo Blog

Wink Bingo’s blog has excellent, eye-catching, retro comic book style graphics.  I found myself looking at the blog because the pictures were pleasing to the eye.

Winkbingo blog screenshot

Wink Bingo stick to the bingo themed and slots topics in their blog articles and why not?! They want people to understand their approach and by providing their slant on the ins and outs game, they are going to deepen their player base understanding and in turn retain more players. Result. Or I should say ‘bingo’!

Unlike Gala and MrQ, the blog doesn’t have any dates attached, so it feels bit more like an article database rather than updating blog posts that fit in with what is going on it the world at the time.

They do have an article about making connections in the online bingo and casino world which is an interesting read. They emphasize on what they do to ensure players have the best authentic experience as possible and they point out all of the opportunities that players can connect with others in the virtual world.

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