Buzz Bingo Bradford Unsafe

Buzz Bingo to Close ANOTHER Club – Not Fit For Use

It was only a few weeks ago that we reported the sad news that Buzz Bingo is closing nine of its clubs due to dwindling player numbers and growing costs.

It was only a few weeks before that report that we told you about Mecca’s equally sad news regarding their closures.

Not to mention the independent club in Hastings which has suddenly closed its doors for good.

So it brings us no joy to be telling you about yet another bingo hall that has ceased to be – although this one has a slightly different story.

Buzz Bingo Bradford too Costly to Repair

Construction Work

Yep, it’s another Buzz venue, and although it is one that has been closed for a while already, it was technically only a temporary closure, until the beginning of March that is.

On March 9th, an unnamed spokesperson for Buzz has said:

“Buzz Bingo Bradford City has been closed for a while due to significant building safety issues. On discussion with the landlord, the building was deemed not safe for use. We, therefore, do not anticipate the club reopening.”

The Bradford Interchange club was big enough for 1,000 people when it was open, but due to significant safety issues it was closed last October while £8.5 million worth of work went on around the club.

It was all to do with Bradford Interchange bus carriageways which are above the club, but were deteriorating and needed urgent work doing.

This obviously had an impact on the club, which itself needed work to take place, and the hope was for the club to re-open afresh once the work was complete.

However, due to the economic downturn and the amount it would cost to bring the building up to standard, it seems the club will not get its grand re-opening afterall.

The people of Bradford can go to a nearby Buzz in Toftshaw, but it’s hardly central, so it will be a big blow for bingo fans in the town.