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Ho Ho Ho, Merry ‘Junemas’ – Santa Claus Comes To Mecca Bingo This June

Now, most of us missed a proper Christmas here in the UK in 2020. So many fun festivities were cancelled last minute due to an unfortunate rise in Covid-19 cases over the winter, and businesses up and down the country were forced to close their doors to the public once again.

Many of us didn’t get to celebrate the festive season with friends and family due to travel restrictions, closures and new tier systems etc, and some people even had to spend Christmas Day alone. To combat what was a pretty grim Christmas period overall however, hundreds of companies throughout the UK have now launched their own versions of the newly named, ‘Junemas’.

Shops, restaurants and clubs etc are spreading some Christmas cheer this June to make people smile, and Mecca Bingo have joined the party with their very own ‘cracker’ of an idea. From Friday 25th June, nearly all Mecca Bingo halls throughout the UK will be hosting their very own Christmas Day in June, and the seasonal fun will continue across the weekend – mince pies and all…

Christmas In June At Mecca Bingo

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Credit: Mecca Bingo

Ever wondered what Christmas in summer might feel like? Well, head on down to your local Mecca Bingo hall this weekend to find out.

The company have promised a whole weekend of Christmas fun and festivities, and they hope it will be a great opportunity for people to come together and finally celebrate in style.

All events will not be completely free of restrictions due to recent UK lockdown extensions of course, but they will still go ahead with the correct social distancing measures in place.

Santa In The Summer

It’s official. Santa Claus is coming to a Mecca Bingo near you this week. The bingo company launched the event as Santa arrived on his sleigh at a venue in Dagenham, Essex this weekend, and he cooled off in the sweltering heat with a special Mecca Christmas themed cocktail.

Here’s some of the fun things to expect at Mecca’s ‘Junemas’:

  • Clubs kitted out in sparkly Christmas decorations.
  • Mince pies and fun Christmas themed cocktails for sale.
  • Hilarious Christmas jumper competitions for you and your pals. 
  • Christmas crackers and ‘Secret Santa’ games with great prizes.
  • All your favourite Christmas tunes played throughout the day.

‘National Bingo Day’ 2021

national bingo day logo screenshotThis Mecca ‘Junemas’ event comes as a lead up to the much anticipated ‘National Bingo Day’ – which takes place this coming Sunday on June 27th.

Back in March this year, both Mecca and Buzz bingo announced they were to join forces for the first ever ‘National Bingo Day’ here in the UK.

The popular event usually takes place every year across the pond in America, but both Mecca and Buzz Bingo thought it would be a great opportunity to get people back into struggling bingo halls this summer.

This Mecca ‘Junemas’ weekend will be a fantastic appetiser to the main bingo event on Sunday, and it will hopefully help to encourage even more people to get back playing live bingo. It’s no secret that the bingo hall business has been hit hard this past year due to the pandemic, so this weekend will play a massive part in helping those clubs out who have suffered badly.

Bingo Hall Boost

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Credit: Teesside Live

Mecca Bingo in particular have been extremely active throughout the recent closures by taking events online as much as they could, but this weekend push could really boost the popularity of live bingo once again.

Alan Forshore, general manager of a Mecca bingo in Exeter said the following of their coming ‘Junemas’ event:

We are thrilled to host this special and exciting weekend of events, giving a chance to our customers to catch up on missed moments – Merry Christmas everyone.

He continued:

With the entire nation being in lockdown last Christmas, many did not get the chance to celebrate like they normally would, so we are determined to turn that into a nicer memory. And with National Bingo Day’s life changing jackpots, we can’t help but imagine what our customers next Christmas could look like.

I think that these events will be a huge deal for bingo bosses up and down the country this weekend, and the coming months now will prove either make or break for a lot of clubs unfortunately. Fingers crossed that people will still crave that live bingo experience after over a year of being stuck indoors, and also that clubs will now remain open long enough to start to thrive once again.

Head on over to the Mecca and Buzz Bingo websites for more details of any ‘Junemas’ and ‘National Bingo Day’ events in your area, then dig out your favourite Christmas jumper and get ready to party…