jumpan pragmatic play partnership

Jumpman 15 Network Hosts PragmaticPlay Bingo Games

We’ve had a few people get in touch about the difference between the Pragmatic Play bingo network and the Jumpman 15 Network.  It is a little confusing so here we will clear up the difference and explain the features of both networks.

The Jumpman operated 15 Network is one of the oldest still going today and is also one of the biggest, launching in 2012, initially with Lights Camera Bingo and Showreel Bingo it now has over 150 sites on there. Jumpman make their own 75, 80 and 90-ball bingo games and host their own rooms on their own network.  They also run their own features and promotions.

Pragmatic Play on the other hand have historically been casino and slot game developers but entered the online bingo market in the autumn of 2019 with 30, 50, 75, 80 and 90-ball bingo.  The Pragmatic Play network was initially used as an add-on to sites that are mainly for slots and gaming, such as Bede Gaming and  Nektan sites.

Recently, to expand their number of bingo rooms, Jumpman sites have started to feature Pragmatic bingo games in partnership.  This is a good arrangement for both parites, increasing the number of games and prizes for Jumpan and increasing the community size for Pragmatic.

The games are exactly the same as you would get on a Nektan site, that only have Pragmatic Play bingo games, but the key difference is the games are hosted on the 15 Network but share players with other Pragmatic sites, meaning a bigger community and bigger prizes.

In effect, with Jumpman you can play both their own games and Pragmatic games all on the same Network, with Pragmaitc games shared with other non-Jumpman sites too.  With Pragmatic only sites you can only play Pragmatic games on their network (although some shared games will have 15 Network players in there through Jumpman).

If your main concern is the games themselves then you might as well go for a Jumpman site as they have their own games plus Pragmatic games, they also have better promotions.  They don’t, however, have every bingo game from Pragmatic.

Why Did Jumpman Link Up With Pragmatic?

jumpman gamingFrankly the 15 Network started to become stale by the mid-2010’s and this saw Jumpman lose a lot of existing players while struggling to acquire new ones.  While other networks were powering on with new variations and themed games the Jumpman games remained pretty much the same for 5 or so years and players became frustrated with this.

The move to partner with Pragmatic Play gave an instant injection of new games to 15 Network players, immediately reviving the sites on their network.  The move was certainly a risk but it seems to have paid off as players have now started to flock back to the brands.

At the same time Jumpman have launched a lot of new sites in the past year that has added further to the liquidity of the network and size of the community.  They have acquired partnerships with big names too, for example, Mirror Bingo (The Daily Mirror), StarWins (The Daily Star) and ExpressWins (The Daily Express) have all recently launched on Jumpman.

More sites hosting the same rooms means bigger prizes and better games in general, that’s the idea anyway.