The Perfect Online Bingo Website: What Makes a Good Bingo Site?

I write these blogs and love the choice of bingo operators out there.  There are so many fantastic features that some sites have, and I have a selection of my favourites.  However, I can’t help but think what the perfect bingo website would look like and if all of the very best features across all sites we combine into one.

So, it has got me thinking…what features are needed to make the perfect bingo website that is all things to all players?

Here is my top list of the best features of online bingo:


UK Gambling commission logo screenshot
Credit: UKGC

It goes without saying that it needs to be licenced with the Gambling Commission.

Not that unlicensed bingo websites are easy to come across, you definitely cannot be playing somewhere that isn’t regulated.

Player Numbers

bingo ticketIf I knew exactly how many tickets each player has purchased along with the number of players, playing each game then that would sit comfortably.  Or better still, there would never be more than a pre-determined set number of players, or every player has to purchase exactly the same number of tickets.  This is a bit like the Evens Stevens Game on Bucky and Best Odds Bob on Mecca.  If all games had this fairness feature, something tells me it would be a great hit.

We all want a fair deal and fair share and of course there is a place for some big games across all of the networks where players can purchase as many or as little tickets as possible but offering more of these level playing field type bingo games needs to happen.


jackpotThe jackpots timer feature on Gala and Mecca are great.  All games with progressive and fixed jackpots should operate at least one of the jackpots like this.  Regular players can keep track of the timers and log in when they think it’s going pop for them.

The new Drop Pots feature on Playtech bingo network does go some of the way to make jackpots a bit more accessible.  They are not mega big but each time they are not won, the number of ball calls to get a full house will increase.  The other day the mini jackpot (which was only for £10 – but still £10 on top of the prize, not to be sniffed at) was sat at 60 balls.  60 balls called to make a full house; now that is an easy win.  Non the less, I played and didn’t win it. In fact, nobody did until full house got to 63 balls.

Bonus Money

bonus moneyVery often, your real money balance is used up first, before the bonus money pot is dipped into. You don’t have to top up your account until your bonus pot is empty but some of us do.  I find that I always get little bits of bonus money from free tickets or spins that never seems to go away. If every time you purchased a ticket, 50% was taken from bonus money and 50% from real money balance, it would be a fair compromise.  Of course, a bingo operator is going to take the real dosh off you first.  Its business after all!

Or even if there were some games available that you could choose to use your bonus funds to purchase the tickets. This would be a good feature.

Side Games

side gamesSide Games don’t really do it for me.  I am far too transfixed in watching the bingo balls roll out and gabbing away in the chat room to be doing a side game as well.  I was never very good at multi-tasking.  The side game screen is also way too small if you do open one up and have a play.  You can’t appreciate the graphics like you do when only playing that slot game without the bingo involved. I just say, stop playing the bingo and go do some slots, because the bingo will be there when you come back, and the slots certainly are not going away.

I do accept that I may be the only one here with this point of view about side games but yes, my perfect bingo website won’t have these getting in the way of the bingo.

Chat Rooms

chat room cartoonI am in a bit of a quandary about chat rooms.  They have to be there, but sometimes I want the other players to be a bit chattier. I don’t want it to be the hosts constantly slogging their guts out trying to keep the chit chat afloat.

I really like the function on Bingocams where you can upload your own photo or image of anything (not rude or offensive) that is assigned to your chat name.  I find that people remember each other more when there is an image reference point.  It feels more real.

In Summary, The Perfect Bingo Website:

  • Licensed and regulated (always)
  • Player numbers managed and fairer ticket purchasing
  • Jackpot timers
  • Bonus money used up before real money balance
  • Scrap the side games
  • Chattier people in the chat rooms.

I don’t ask for much…