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Welcome to the world of ‘Hijingo’ – The futuristic new bingo concept about to take the UK by storm

It’s always exciting when new bingo experiences make their way to market these days, as any new ventures that help keep the beloved game going strong are always welcomed. The game of bingo has been around for over 500 hundred years now, so it’s great to see that the industry is still thriving amongst future generations.

It’s no secret that land based bingo has seen an unfortunate demise over the past few years due to the introduction of online bingo, and it’s been hit even harder recently too after the Covid-19 pandemic closures. Luckily though, people do still seem to crave that ‘live bingo’ experience, and players have been heading back to clubs, halls and live bingo events as quickly as they can.

People have always loved the social aspect of bingo ever since the game began, and it’s been wonderful to see how the game has evolved over the years. We’ve seen companies such as Bongo’s Bingo take the game to whole new level – especially recently – and now there’s a new kid in town ready to take the scene by storm. The brand spanking new ‘Hijingo’ bingo launches later this month in London, and it promises bingo as you’ve never seen it before…

Hijingo Bingo – Not Your Average Night Out

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Credit: Hijingo

So, there’s a new live bingo entertainment company in town, and let me tell you, they aren’t messing around.

Hijingo is a new bingo concept which launches later this month in Shoreditch, East London, and it offers bingo, yes – but not quite as we know it…

High Energy Gaming

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Credit: Hijingo

Hijingo promises to bring a new and modern twist to the live bingo experience, and it will offer players a high energy, multi sensory night out.

According to a recent article in the Daily Star, Hijingo co-founder James Gordon said the following of the upcoming venture:

We’re so excited to introduce London to the future of bingo. Hijingo rewrites the rules of the traditional game. It’s fast, immersive, and will get the adrenaline pumping.

He continued:

We all need a holiday after the last year, and what better way to get some sea and sunshine than by winning at Hijingo.

Bingo – But With Dancers And Bao Buns

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Credit: Hijingo Instagram

This exciting new bingo concept comes from the team at State of Play Hospitality, a company who have already had major success with other brands such as ‘Bounce’ and ‘Flight Club’.

Not only will each event give players the chance to win amazing prizes on a few of games of bingo, but there will also be live dancing, 3D activities, cocktails and street food, plus so much more.

The overall theming of the brand has an awesome Asian twist to it, and it really does appear to offer something totally unique and different from anything else out there…

  • ‘THE LUCKY CAT’ – Begin the night here with a cocktail or two in ‘The Lucky Cat’ bar, and keep an eye on the fun clock countdown before heading to ‘The Tunnel’ for the main event.
  • ‘THE HIJINGO ROOM’ – Take your seats in this fully immersive, stadium-lit venue, and experience bingo as you never have before.

Pick And Mix Gaming

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Credit: Hijingo

As with any bingo hall, you’ll need to purchase your game tickets before you play, and you can always pick and choose which games you do and don’t want to play.

The same applies here at any Hijingo event too, just choose from a selection of gaming packages and book before your visit.

Game prices vary from £11 for a single game to £16 for a full 90 minute session, plus there are also special opening offers and Sunday brunch packages available too. The venue will be open every Wednesday to Sunday at the moment, and at most weekends the fun will carry on until midnight.

Join The Hijingo Party

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Credit: Hijingo

Head on over to the Hijingo website for more details on times, dates and packages etc, and tailor your visit to suit you and your individual requirements.

According to the website, the brand still hope to launch officially on 24th June 2021 (albeit with social distancing at first I’m sure) and I absolutely can’t wait to see what people think of it all.

At the moment you can only experience Hijingo events at this one particular venue in East London, however it may be something that branches out across the UK over time if it’s popular I guess – watch this space…