How To Play 90-Ball Bingo

90-ball bingo screenshotA 90-ball bingo game is what we might refer to as a classic here in the UK. It’s one of the oldest and most traditional styles of bingo to be played throughout Britain, and it was originally introduced into bingo halls back in the 1960’s.

It’s also played widely across the globe too, but it still remains the most popular bingo choice amongst us Brits. The basic aim of the game is to mark off numbers on a card ranging from 1-90, and there are usually 3 possible chances of a win on each game.

90-ball games still remain massively popular in bingo halls up and down the country, but they have also now taken the wonderful world of online bingo by storm too. Even though online bingo offers up so many other bingo variants these days, the classic 90-ball games still appear to be the most popular choice amongst players. With such an established structure and up to 3 chances of a win on each game, what’s not to love about this old faithful.

The History of 90-Ball Bingo

lottery tombola screenshotYou may be surprised to know that the game of bingo actually dates right back to the 1500’s. Yep, I know. Seems bonkers right but it’s in the history books.

The first ever exact recordings of bingo are slightly hazy, however we do know that a lottery type game called ‘Lo Giuoco del Lotto d’Italia’ was played in Italy around 1530.

It’s unknown as to whether this used a 90-ball format in particular, however we do know that years later in 1778, there were reports of a similar Lotto type game called ‘Le Lotto’ in France.

This version of the game required players to mark off numbers ranging from 1-90 in some form, and from that point on the 90-ball bingo game was born.

Why is 90-Ball Bingo So Popular In The UK?

bingo ticket screenshotAs mentioned before, 90-ball bingo is hugely popular up and down the UK and always has been.

Here are a few theories as to perhaps why players keep returning for more:

  • Tradition – It’s the most classic form of bingo that we Brits are used to within both bingo halls and online.
  • Tickets – 90-ball bingo tickets are the primary tickets used within the UK, and therefore they are the ones that players recognise the most when playing out and about or online.
  • Simplicity – Sometimes players prefer to stick with what they know, and will therefore choose games that they know how to play already.
  • Winning – There are generally 3 chances of winning on each individual bingo card, making the possibilities of a prize even higher.
  • Free Bingo – A lot of online bingo sites offer free bingo games upon sign up. This can then encourage players to continue with this format then when making deposits.
  • Bigger prizes – As 90-ball bingo games tend to attract more players, the prizes may then end up higher than other variants.

How To Play 90-Ball Bingo

Whether you’re playing 90-ball bingo in a bingo hall or online, the general rules will always be the same. Numbers from 1-90 will be called by a caller or generated online, then you will mark off the corresponding number on your bingo card.

Here are some of the other things that you might need to know along the way:

Buying 90-Ball Bingo Tickets

90-ball bingo strip screenshot90-ball bingo cards are generated into strips of 6 tickets, and the numbers 1-90 are then spread across the entire strip.

It is then up to you the player then as to how many tickets you wish to purchase from a strip.

You can play bingo with just one ticket from the strip of course, but the chances of winning could be higher the more tickets you purchase.

How Do 90-Ball Bingo Tickets Work?

The following table shows how the numbers are distributed across the strip of 6 bingo tickets:

Numbers Column
1-9 1st Column
10-19 2nd Column
20-29 3rd Column
30-39 4th Column
40-49 5th Column
50-59 6th Column
60-69 7th Column
70-79 8th Column
80-90 9th Column

How Do You Win A Game Of 90-Ball Bingo?

90-ball bingo winning patternsOnce you’ve purchased your 90-ball bingo tickets, there can then be up to 3 ways to win on each game.

This can vary from between individual bingo halls and sites, but generally the 3 different ways are as follows:

  1. 1 Line
  2. 2 Line
  3. 3 Lines (Also known as a Full House)

Simply mark off the numbers on your ticket as they are called, and when you fill any of the stated patterns then you have won.

It’s worth noting that if you have purchased a book of 6 tickets, then you will have to mark off a number every time one is called. This is because you will have every number shared across your strip, so will therefore have every number from 1-90.

Can You Win Twice In One 90-Ball Bingo Game?

90-ball bingo ticket screenshotIn a word, yes.

As bingo is primarily a game of chance, it’s not impossible to win more than once in one game.

The more numbers that are called on one ticket the higher chances you have of winning, therefore if you have already won on one or two lines, you may only need a few more numbers to then win the full house.

How Much Can I Win Playing 90-Ball Bingo?

cash screenshot
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Prizes and pay outs are ever changing with bingo, and the following things can cause prizes to be bigger or smaller:

  • Playing in a bingo hall or playing on an online bingo site.
  • The amount of players signed up for each game.
  • Whether the game is attached to a certain bonus or promotion.
  • Some games can be played for physical prizes such as holidays or appliances instead of cash.
  • The price of each ticket can reflect on the prize amount up for grabs.

90-Ball Bingo Conclusion

bingo lotto card screenshotYou will love 90-bingo if you love classic bingo gaming. It’s the most popular choice in the UK these days, so it will generally be available on every online bingo site and in bingo halls all over the country.

Some players prefer it as it gives you up to 3 chances of winning on each game, and it’s a game that grows in excitement and tension as it progresses too which all adds to the fun.

90-Ball bingo is perfect for those newbies to the online bingo world too, as you will most likely be given a chance to play some free 90-ball bingo games when you first sign up. Therefore this gives people a good chance to practice and hone their online bingo skills, before even making a cash deposit on the site.