Gala All the Calls Gallery

Gala Bingo All The Calls Gallery Event Offers £2,500 in Shopping Vouchers

Bingo fans in Manchester were in luck last week, as Gala Bingo’s All The Calls campaign came to town for a one off special event.

I reported on their ingenious marketing idea when the TV commercial was released, but now they have brought it to life for players to enjoy in person as well as on the telly.

It wasn’t publicised all that heavily, so a lot of people might have missed it, but as a ‘pop up’ event the whole idea is that it takes people by surprise – which it certainly seems to have done.

It sounded like great fun for anyone who was lucky enough to have experienced it, just look at some of the photos below.

£2,500 Shopping Vouchers to be Won

Gala All the Calls Art Gallery

The event was free to enter, and although booking was not required, anyone who did book in advance could skip the queue.

Not only was the Gala gallery free, but entrants got a glass of prosecco on the way in, a free Gala themed gift on the way out, and they could also enter the prize draw if they found all 90 bingo calls.

Oh the prize draw?

Yeah, it was only the chance to win some shipping vouchers… worth £2,500! How’s that for cool main prize? And it didn’t even cost anything to play.

Just like a regular game of bingo though, it was the taking part that was the most fun.

The gallery was full of sculptures, pictures, and even performance art, all related to the 90 well loved bingo calls from days gone by.

Gala Bingo’s head of brand, Sara Jolly, said:

“After the amazing reception from our ‘All the Calls’ campaign, we’re thrilled to inject joy and curiosity into the city of Manchester this February with the All The Calls Gallary. We’re bringing all 90 calls back into the heart of the bingo community through an interactive experience and we can’t wait to see the public being put to the bingo call test in this unique way”

It was an immersive experience that will have raised a lot of smiles, and it was held at a real gallery too, The Smolensky Gallery in the Spinningfields area of Manchester.

Gala All the Calls Pop Up EventThere hasn’t been any news to this effect, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t going to happen.

Gala did say it was a one off event, but they have gone to a lot of effort to create all of the props and equipment so it would be odd not to use them again elsewhere.

If it does ‘pop up’ somewhere else, I would expect it to be in a big city like London, Liverpool, Glasgow, Newcastle, or Birmingham, places like that.

And of course, if I hear of anything I will update this page with any dates and locations.

Fingers crossed!