Elderly Winning Bingo Player

Luckiest Bingo Player Wins National Game Twice

I think we would all agree that a big win at the bingo would make you very lucky indeed.

I’m not talking about a full house in a local game, i’m talking about something worth thousands, like the National Game.

Anyone who wins that is one lucky so and so.

So what would you call someone who won it twice?

Nothing mean please, but they would be double lucky right? The kind of person you would want to sit next to for good luck.

Well this person actually exists, although they have quite understandably chosen to remain anonymous.

We know where they play though, and there are some weird coincidences that link the two wins as well.

Has Anyone Won the National Game More Than Once?

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You already know this answer to this, so let me tell you how it happened.

On Monday 18th December, our mystery woman was playing bingo at her local, King’s Bingo in Sheerness, Kent.

The 75 year old has been playing there all her adult life, ever since her mother introduced her to the game when she was 18 years old, so she is a very well known face in the club.

When her numbers came up, she knew she had won the house prize as well as a jackpot bonus, but was expecting maybe an extra £100 or £1000 – she didn’t realise she had won inside of 16 calls to trigger the £50,000 jackpot.

Sure enough though, her claim was checked, and the caller confirmed that she had won that big £50k.

Amazing to witness no doubt, and for the owners of the club too.

Co-owner Minnie McCoy said:

“It’s a great feeling when a customer gets a big win and this is my first big win at the club since taking over.”

Minnie and her husband, Tom, only took over in 2019, just before lockdown, so it must have been a tough start for them. What a way the make up for it.

But Minnie didn’t know that the winner had actually taken home a big win her club before, and that wasn’t the only similarity.

Previous Win Coincidences

Kings Bingo SHeerness
Credit: Google Maps

Way back in 1999, our winner was at the exact same bingo hall (probably in the exact same seat too knowing us lot!), when she won an even bigger prize.

The National Game paid bigger prizes back then, so she actually took a massive £107,000 the first time she won – which would be worth around £200k today.

The same player winning the same game twice in the same club in some coincidence, but it doesn’t end there.

The 1999 win was called by a man named Clive Cornelius, and guess what? He was the bingo caller again for the win last week.

Even scarier, she won with the exact same numbers!

She might be remaining anonymous, but our winner was happy enough to be quoted saying:

“Anybody who’s thinking about going to bingo, just go for it! I always enjoy playing.

“It’s not just about winning, though it’s lovely when you do. It also gets me out of the house.”

That sounds like good advice to me.